Watchmaking workshop

Our watchmaking workshop is in a position to make a full service as well as a partial service. We work closely with many famous watch brands and we have a direct connection with most of the European official centers. Thanks to this collaboration, we can deliver to our customers the impeccable service and the professional monitoring they deserve. 

And above all, our workshop is certified by some of the finest watch manufacturers. These aggregations allow us to work directly with these manufacturers and therefore assure you we are using the proper equipment. It also allows us to provide the original parts coming directly from these manufacturers. Every single piece your watches will get is exactly what it needs. 

We have a large stock of old parts we can use to restore your watches. If we don’t have the parts we need, we have the possibility to contact one of our suppliers. Thanks to this we can easily find solutions to restore your oldest watches (which are most of the time refused by the manufacturers because they are too old).

Trust us, we are always trying to find a solution to make your watch work over many years.

Entretien Heuer Autavia TVW SRL
Tag Heuer

Make your jewelry or watches appraised in order to submit them to your insurance?

It is important for you to know that your jewelry and your watches must be appraised before a claim. Your regular home contract often covers the "monetary" value of your jewellery/watches, i.e. only the weight of the gold.

It is therefore interesting, in some cases, to have your jewellery insured for what it really is, namely objects with a history as well as a sentimental value and not just simple metals.

At The Vintage Workshop, we can give you a certificate with a photo and a precise description for each of the appraised pieces.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment as well as a request for expertise.

Our commitments

The Vintage Workshop offers one-of-a-kind jewelry. This is why we attach great importance to the inspection, the cleanliness and the polishing of every single part.

All the jewelry sold by The Vintage Workshop comes with a 6-month warranty covering any restoration defect. We also provide a certificate of authenticity containing the information of the product as well as its characteristics. The watches are guaranteed from 6 months to 1 year.

All of our products are purchased from sellers whose good faith we ensure. The origin of every piece is certified for each purchase we make.

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